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Precision Corner Arms

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8000 Series

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Degelman Industries

Pro-Till 40

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 A revolution in tillage pure and simple.  Degelman Industries has created the fastest,  most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own. We have new Pro-Tills in stock and ready for you at Alamo Ag in Kalamazoo.

Pro-Till 33

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 The Pro-Till® shreds residue at speeds over 10 mph, up to three times the speed of traditional cultivators, while ensuring uniform distribution of residue to eliminate problems such as uneven and delayed emergence, hair pinning, erosion and seeder/planter plugging. 

Pro-Till 26

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 Degelman designers are passionate about getting it right. Farm tools with the least amount of moving parts will simply last longer. Degelman is renowned for building overbuilt and under complicated equipment. Less is always more. 

Rock Rake

   Used across the globe for over 35 years, the RR1500 has earned a reputation for fast, efficient windrowing in rock-strewn land. The 14' wide spiral drum rakes a large swatch of rocks from the field with each pass, yet the entire machine folds into a 7-1/2' narrow transport width with 10" of ground clearance - ideal for navigating narrow bridges and gates. 

Prong Pickers


These proven rugged machines are ideal for land clearing and reclamation applications.

Used for years by professional landscapers, contractors and farmers, the Degelman Prong Rock Picker and Digger are designed to clear big stones, boulders and for selective rock picking.

Signature Rock Pickers

 The Degelman Signature series rock pickers are the result of over 55 years of pursuing excellence Degelman rock pickers are unrivalled for performance and durability and are THE industry standard. Our attention to details means these machines will work flawlessly for years to come, as you will commonly find Degelman rock pickers made 55 years ago still working today. 


  Strongbox® is quickly and easily adaptable to all payloaders, backhoes, skid steers and most Ag tractors. No matter what you use to push snow, we guarantee a quality, secure fit-up. 

Dozer Blade 7900 Series

 The Degelman 7900 was developed specifically for producers moving silage, haylage and tackling the toughest snow removal jobs out there. Fully compatible with high horsepower four-wheel drive tractors, the 7900 has 40” lift and 6-way angling capabilities with full strength at all angles. 

REV 1500 Rotary Cutter

degelman rev 1500 rotary cutter degelman rotary cutter mower ditchbank mower degelman bushhog brush

 Introducing the REV 1500 rotary cutter from Degelman. The deck is made from a 3/16 inch impact resistant steel formed to create a smooth sloping deck. This curved shape deck is manufactured with continuous welds and without pockets that collect debris. As the cutter operates, debris sheds off. 

M Series Spreaders

 How do you build the best manure spreader in the world? Start with Degelman, renowned for building legendary equipment for the past 55 years. The design is unmistakably Degelman. The most rugged spreaders available - the Degelman M Series. 

Landroller TRI-PLEX

 Degelman landrollers not only decrease downtime and fuel costs, they also provide optimal seed to soil contact while reducing weeds and moisture loss. Level land allows cutter bars to safely access the base of plants without the risk of rock ingestion. This allows for a faster, safer and easier harvest which ultimately translates to a increased yield on pulse crops such as beans and cereals. 

Landroller LRX

 The LRX continues the Degelman tradition of building “Drop the Pin and Go” equipment. Once again, Degelman has raised the bar with the LRX Series. Our exclusive Hydraulic Power-fold System (HPS) makes the transition from road travel to field-working position effortless. No backing up, no driving forward. This is especially helpful when used in conjunction with other implements such as drills and planters. 

Gandy Cover Crop Seeders Raven Hydraulic Drive

 Equip your Pro-Till with a Gandy Cover Crop Seeder and take advantage of the benefits cover crops provide while managing residue at the same time.

Gandy Cover Crop Seeders 12V Drive

  Equip your Pro-Till with a Gandy Cover Crop Seeder and take advantage of the benefits cover crops provide while managing residue at the same time.